Taiyi Wuxing Gong

The five Elements of chinese Wuxing theory are Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood. To every Xing we have an animal. The tortois for Water, Crane for fire, Snake is earth, Tiger for metal and Dragon for wood. The movements regulate your inner Qi, massage the organs and calms the nervous system.

I performed the Five Animals at the Parque Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife where we also have a workshop every february.

This is for my students to remember the movements, it has not been produced for commercial purposes.
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Music: 佛门钟声 (Buddha Bells) I have no rights on this music.

The Fake Daoist?

by Zhou Xuan Yun

Just recently, I received an e-mail asking an interesting question:

“How do you know if someone calling himself a Daoist priest is genuinely a Daoist priest. Is there any way to check?”

As Daoism grows in popularity, some people may call themselves a Daoist priest as a way of marketing their business. So how can you tell if their claim is true?

Actually, the qualities that you should look for in a Daoist priest are the same as other teachers.

If you wanted to learn medicine, who would you want as your teacher?

1. Someone who has a relationship with hospitals and other doctors.
2. Someone who is still practicing medicine, or practiced medicine for a very long time.
3. Someone who believes in their craft and works to improve.

These three characteristics can be summed up as lineage, practice, and faith.

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